Manage your finances from a single, customizable dahsboard.
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Are you struggling to manage your finances and reach your financial goals?
Fintece is a Notion based dashboard that lets you track your income, expenditure and subscriptions, so you can reach your financial goals.

An Advance template to track your finances.

Track expenses, set goals, create a budget, and more - all with one user-friendly tool.

Get the entire overview with just one click

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to peace of mind with this notion template.
We've created an all-in-one solution for tracking & managing your money, so you can spend more time doing what you need to do.

Track your spending habits

Create different categories so you can see exactly what you're spending your money on and how much you're spending it.

Create goals and make progress

No more tomorrow - Create goals and get started today with a detailed overview to understand your progress.

Manage subscriptions smarter

Built in Subscription Tracker so you never forget due dates again.
Track subscriptions, when they're due with cost breakdowns & much more

Comprehensive reports

Fintece offers a variety of reports that can help you track your financial progress with a view of total income/expenses and balance on monthly/quaterly/yearly basis.

Monthly Overview

These reports can be viewed on a quarterly, monthly, or yearly basis, giving you the flexibility to track your finances at the frequency that works best for you.

Start tracking in minutes, not hours or weeks.

Try the permanent solution.

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A Main Dashboard To Visualize Your Finances At A Glance

Simple to comprehend where your money goes, you only need to enter your income & expenses and your financial overview will be calculated automatically by the system with just one click.


Take Better Care Of - Your Money

Have a clear understanding of your income. Set your financial goals, track your expenses and save more all in one place.


Easy To Understand Where - Your Money Goes

Have a clear picture of how much money you spend each month.

Changing the way you track your finances.

Don't start from scratch, start with Fintece.

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Transaction Logs

View your transactions for months in the Fintece

Pre-built automated dashboards

Seamlessly keep track of your finances with a series of prebuilt and automated dashboards.


Create different categories to assign your expenses.

Goal Planner

Want to buy a laptop, now set a goal & see the progress

Easy Transfer Between Accounts

Transfer money between accounts easily

Detailed Onboarding Guide

Straightforward instructions on how to get started

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority.
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Bill Alerts

Set alerts & get due date alerts for your subscriptions.

Lifetime Updates

Get lifetime updates for free

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It's simple - Pay once. Use forever.


Unleash the power of automation.
Single Account Management
Data & Graphs
Goal Tracker
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Frequently asked questions

You asked, We answered

What is Notion?

Notion is a single space where you can think, write & plan. Notion offers a flexible interface that makes it easy to complete tasks whether you're writing or making plans.

What is a Notion template?

A Notion template is any publicly shared page in Notion that can be duplicated.

How do I duplicate a Notion template?

Navigate to the template you want to duplicate, choose the workspace you'd like to duplicate into from the dropdown, then hit the blue “Duplicate” button.

Does this template work with Notion’s free plan?

Yes. This template will perfectly work if you are on Notion’s free plan. There are absolutely no limitations for personal use.

Can I share this template?

This Notion template comes with a personal license for individual use. You can't share it with other individuals.

How I will receive a template?

After your purchase, you'll receive an email with the link to duplicate the Fintece into your Notion app. You’ll also receive an email with the option to receive an invoice.

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